3Phases 2a Lady & Gentleman
              Etiquette School


3 Phases believes that there are three phases to a Lady:

a) Female b) Woman c) Lady

We are born female, we grow into women and we become a lady.

3Phases 2a Lady provides services to clients ranging from children to CEOs. Each program is a combination of lecture, activities and exercises designed to ensure that learning about etiquette is both educational and entertaining. Our School teaches children lessons in manners and social graces that have been the fundamentals of courtesy since our country’s inception. The confidence of a firm handshake, the ability to look an adult directly in the eye when introduced, and the ability to speak clearly when spoken to, are skills that will benefit a child throughout his/her entire life.

Teaching a child how to engage in dinner conversation without any “yups,” “nopes,” or “unhuhs,” as well as knowing the rules of the table, makes mealtime more enjoyable for you, your child, and any dinner guests you may entertain.

Why 3 Phases 2A Lady Etiquette Course?

Years from now, students need to be prepared to enter the workforce. The business environment is competitive. So Ask yourself this question, "At what income or occupational level are good manners unnecessary?" Good manners are necessary at all levels because good manners are equated with competence.


Many young people have little experience with etiquette. Good manners are not always taught or followed in the home environment. And children learn by examples and actions as well as from being told what to do.


“We will progress in the measure that we are willing to teach our children to think”

W.E.B Dubois