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The Roles of a Lady Soiree

“Becoming a Lady of Excellence”


This year we will explore the dynamic roll of a lady past, present and future.


April 26, 2014


$35 per session



For more details and RSVP call 313-523-5786

MUST BE 18 up …...Limited Seating

(lunch will be served)


Please join us as we identify with each other through monologue, dialogues, performances and exchange.



A nurtured tree yields deep roots, healthy branches, and abundant fruit. In the same way a nurtured

woman flourish in her family and community, and creates positive impact in the world around her.


Greetings, here's your chance to diversify, grow your target market and actually knock on the front door of making your brand a household name.

3 Phases 2A Lady Etiquette School & Industry Talk w/Mahogany Mignon Daytime Talk Show Presents→The 7th Grand Royal Ball Networking Commencement Ceremony. This is a plated luncheon ceremony that honors children and teens who have successfully completed etiquette course(s) with 3 Phases 2A Lady Etiquette School. Join us for an afternoon of fun filled moments shared with a myriad of guest speakers, special student/adult performances, community award honorees, business professionals, family, entrepreneurial friends and community supporters. To elevate exposure for our community sponsors admission to attend as a networking observer is free and there will be a media networking hour. There is a small fee to be included in the formal plated luncheon and formal attire required for entry.

A movement designed to empower, inspire and instill proper values in our youth.

Event Host(s) Shanithia Jhons, Mahogany Mignon, KiMarieYowell
Venue: Detroit Public Main Library, 5201 Woodward St, Detroit, MI
If you are a media outlet interested in covering the event please email [email protected]