3Phases 2a Lady & Gentleman
              Etiquette School


"My daughter has been a student of 3Phases since 2007 and I must say they have done wonders with what started as a Tom boy but is now a LADY. Thank you 3Phases" 


"had it not been for 1st Lady Shanithia my girls would not know how to be ladies"        Mr. Robert                                                                                                                                                               

"I must admit, they know their stuff at this school"           Anonymous

"This school is such a blessing for the community."        Pastor Gilbert

I started this school I was 13, now I'm 19 and had it not been for the First Lady I would not now how to love and respect myself. Thank you First Lady for teaching me how to love me.                        Jamica

I hired this organization to come in and assess my employees for 1 week. The things that was pointed out to me regarding my employees professionalism was astonishing. I mean she came in with such humility yet strength. Without stepping on anyone's toes or making anyone fell bad she got us ALL together. This woman is truly amazing. Thank you Mrs. Shahid for helping make my business, my employees and myself better.              Ms. Jessica Turk  "

Thank you 1st Lady for teaching me how to set a table. I love you.     Tasha Moore

...Such beauty and grace...       Anonymous

If you are looking for someone to bring Poise, Grace, Elegance, Style, Sophistication, and  Professionalism this is the right organization. Mrs. Shahid is truly amongst the best in her field.     Mr. and Mrs Miller

You can not lose hiring this company for any of the services they offer. They go over and beyond your expectations. You will not be disappointed.   Mr. Shimanski

Enroll now you won't regret it.    Mr. Bailey

What a great job you did with my boys. Before they came the knew nothing about being gentlemen. Now they are pulling chairs out for their sisters and opening doors for women. WAY TO GO!!!!!             Ms. Shannon Cross

"My daughter Venus enjoys etiquette class alot and she looks forward to it every week and she will keep coming to every class".    Ms. Walker